I told something personal to a friend, which became this one.

California and Dallas

Girl with amnesia keeps talking to the same guy… Koolaid, spiked water, and then the trinity cocktail.

pharmacutical grade drugs

Burning Man 2000

The same guy who gave me the spiked Koolaid, later spiked my water.

Facts of the Story — Burning Man 2000

My traveling friends and I went to Burning Man. I handed off a cup of spiked Koolaid given to me by another person, for I wasn’t in the mood to drink booze. He passed out in his tent for more than a day. The next morning, outside of his tent were two apples.

On the way home, he kept insisting we stop and get drunk, that we stop by the petrified wood attraction. When we returned home, he offered his folding Asian screen to me for $100.


My only friend
The “bad” guy, not so sophistocated but knowledgable about the world
Maybe a runner, he left St. Louis and he’s looking for a new place to call home
He can be your lover, he can help with the bad boyfriend, he’s a drunk with a big heart
Have a drink with him, give him a place to crash

The moisture evaporates into the clouds

The moisture evaporates into the clouds

Illustrating a sequence of events

If someone should send you a box of books labled, “Pandora” pay particular attention to the order as well as any hand-drawn illustrations. Assume this will impact your life in a very strange and mysterious manner.