Never Again

…will the real have to be produced.

Twice a week during the summer I try to get up really early to pedal to the lake to watch the sunrise. This only works on clear days, because there is enough moisture in the air to smear the rays breaking over the horizon across the sky in pinks, oranges and reds so liquid  that you could just put traces against their grain in them with your fingernails, all seamlessly run together in breath-like suspension…

The plausibility of delusions

The science of personality is still in the dark ages. Though the natural philosophers have toyed with the complexities of virtue none have solved the mysteries of the psyche. Intuitively we know that the laughter, for example, is an essential component of our behavior and that misplaced timing on behalf of the subject begets ostracization. The human response loop as determined by behavior and self report is a fragile system few dare to deal with directly when there’s a breakdown. Continue reading

Reconditioned Resumes

Trying to write a resume while psychotic isn’t easy. Everything takes on new meaning. Interviewing while psychotic is even worse, especially when you know you’re not firing on all four to begin with. At one point I wanted to send out this resume for private investigator positions and dress as a pirate for the interview.

Statement of Intent

Want to enliven local citizens and advance political or social reform while developing my personal skills and abilities in auto upholstery for our family business.

Enlivened by opportunities to grow and manifest family vision. Continue reading